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This area is NSSDC's primary ftp pathway to data and services. This "nssdcftp" directory structure is currently shared by NSSDC and the SPDF (Space Physics Data Facility), which until recently were part of the same organization, but are now separate entities, under different organization. Their homepages are at and, respectively. As of February, 2006, there were seven customer-relevant directories and six customer- irrelevant unix system directories. Each customer-relevant directory herein has its own readme file, where appropriate. These directories are:

# Directory: Short Description:
1 miscellaneous (Select the directory of interest, then see the readme file in that directory.)
2models NSSDC's holding of solar-terrestrial models available for distribution and staging
3 photo_gallery NSSDC's Photo Gallery of images with captions for users seeking alternatives to web-browser both downloading of low and hi-resolution images.
4 selected_software Special-purpose software tools (CDF, IDL, PDS, etc.)
5 spacecraft_data NSSDC's on-line access area for spacecraft data, organized primarily by spacecraft series, spacecraft, experiment, data set, time span.
6 staging Data staging area for web-based SPDF services including ATMOWEB, COHOWeb, FTPBrowser, MODELWeb, and OMNIWeb.
7 standards Repository for files related to software standards such as CDF, FITS, NOST and SFDU

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